Maulik Bhatt

I am a PhD student in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at UIUC, where I am advised by Prof Negar Mehr. I am a part of the Coordinated Science Laboratory and ICON lab.

Previously, I graduated from IIT Bombay with an interdisciplinary dual degree(Bachelor's in Aerospace Engineering + Master's in Systems and Control Engineering). During my stay at IIT Bombay, I was awarded Panasonic Scholarship, Undergraduate Research Award and Technical Hostel's Commendation.

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I am interested in leveraging game theory, stochastic control, and machine learning to enable robotic multi-agent interactions and safe motion planning. As autonomy is getting integrated more with human lives, I wish to study the societal impact of autonomy.

Efficient Constrained Multi-Agent Interactive Planning using Constrained Dynamic Potential Games
Maulik Bhatt , Ayberk Yaraneri, Negar Mehr
RSS-2022 workshop on Close Proximity Humans Robot Interaction
arXiv / code

Our constrained trajectory planner is 20 times faster than the state-of-the-art

Discrete-time Rigid Body Pose Estimation based on Lagrange-d'Alembert principle
Maulik Bhatt , Srikant Sukumar, Amit K Sanyal
Journal of Nonlinear Science- link

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first pose estimator that is proven to be almost globally asymptotically stable in discrete-time

Asymptotically Stable Optimal Multi-rate Rigid Body Attitude Estimation based on Lagrange-d'Alembert Principle
Maulik Bhatt , Amit K Sanyal, Srikant Sukumar
Paper-1: 59th Conference on Decision and Control, 2020 - link
Paper-2: Journal of Geometric Mechanics - link

To the best of our knowledge this is the first attitude estimator that is proven to be almost globally asymptotically stable in discrete-time and considers multi-rate measurements

Modification of Hilbert's Space-Filling Curve to Avoid Obstacles: A Robotic Path-Planning Strategy
Anant Joshi, Maulik Bhatt , Arpita Sinha
6th Indian Control Conference (ICC), 2019 - link
Link to experiment videos - Experiment-1, Experiment-2

Developed an algorithm to explore an unknown region while avoiding obstacles

Autonomous Landing of Drones on Moving Ground Vehicles
Maulik Bhatt, David Saussié

Implemented a Dynamic Image-Based Visual Servo Control technique for safe autonomous landing of drone on moving ground vehicle


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